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We are the leading trademark in premium textiles in the Sultante of Oman. From a humble shop in the dark alleys of Matrah's "Al Dhalam Souq", Hajj Mehdi Jawad Al Lawati started his journey in the textile business in 1948. He started by importing various luxury textiles from around the world, particularly from India, China, Japan and Europe. Soon after, Mehdi Store became and still is a household item across Oman with the name Mehdi being synonymous with textiles. Over generations, joyous memories have been associated with Mehdi Store. From the excitement of back to school preparations, to the cheerful preparations of weddings, eids and other festivities. Mehdi Store has accompanied its customers and shared with them their most memorable occassions.


Our visual identity is inspired from the beauty and timelessness of the Omani architecture present in the city of Matrah, and infused with the intricate embroidery of the local "braism" dresses.


Our uniqueness is derived from our Omani identity. We take pride in offering fabrics that reflect the rich heritage and fascinating diversity of the local culture within Oman. Our products include the versatile fabrics of local menswear "dishdasha" , the colorful and opulent fabrics of local womenswear "braism" and the all-round fabrics of school and other uniforms. Mehdi Store is to many the ideal destination for the quality and uncompromising service it offers.


Since inception, we have been at the forefront of the textile business in Oman. From the international market to Matrah's port, and finally, to the local market.
Ali Jawad Salman & Brothers

The first Mehdi Store opens in Matrah
Souq, with textiles imported from
Indian and Singapore.


Leading Exporter

Mehdi Store begins directly importing
textiles from China, which at the time
was considered a leading exporter of
premium textiles.

Mehdi Store is born

Mehdi Store expands into several new
outlets after the Omani Renaissance in
1970 and positions itself as the leading
textile importer in Oman.


Best Quality Services
11 Outlets

With 11 outlets around the Sultanate of
Oman, we continue to expand and deliver
the best of quality and service to our

visual identity
Market Leading Position

Keeping up with modernity while simultaneously
embracing our rich heritage,
Mehdi Store introduces its new visual
identity to solidify its market leading

Our Stores

Our Brands

Qumash by Mehdi

Started in 2019 Qumash is a high end dishdasha brand that Mehdi Store has opened to target the elite and luxury customers. Currently there are 2 outlets of Qumash

ZY Uniform

With a fully functional workshop we have an expertise in uniform stitching for almost all major Government entities, Hotels, Hospitals, Cafes, Restaurants, Service Industry etc. Furthermore ZY Uniform also has a store for ready made uniforms and accessories.
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